ADF.LA - An URL redirection service - where You get payed.

  Shorten links and earn from sharing them!
  ADF.LA knows that you post links on sites every day like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Craigslist, blogs, forums and many other social networks all over the net, so we are helping you to make money while doing it!
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Get your website viewed by millions
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Publisher features:
Create short URLs
Get paid everytime your URLs are shown
Real time analytics
Very low payout - $0.50 minimum payout
No website required
We pay via PayPal
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Make unlimited paying links in just seconds
Publisher Sign Up is a URL shortener with a twist!

 What is ADF.LA? is a new innovative URL shortener that allows its users to earn money by sharing links as they normally would. However unlike other URL shorteners we display an advert before the original URL is shown.  When Do I get Paid? You will be paid on the first of every month by paypal if your balance is over $0.50. If your balance is not over $0.50, not to worry your earnings will be carried over to the following month.  So How Do I Make Money?As an advert is displayed on the shortened URL we reward you for bringing attention to the advert by crediting $0.003 per unique visitor that views the advert.  Can I Advertise On Shortened URLs? We have created this platform so anyone can register and advertise on shortened URLs. You can choose how many unique views you would like to purchase, 500 being the minimum amount. We have an advertiser dashboard where you can track views you have received. We do check adverts before allowing them to go live, as we are running a clean network and material has to be suitable for everyone.

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