ADF.LA - The Url Shortener Advertising Website!

ADF.LA can provide you with the traffic you need at a price you can easily afford! By putting your ads at the top of each and every link created with our url shortener, we supply you with large volumes of surfers exposed to YOUR offers every day!.

Ad Placements

Your ads can be in the form of any sized banner you want (up to a 728x90 leaderboard), or just a simple hyper-link with your chosen anchor text at the top of the's your choice! Your ad is always shown above the fold before the users linked site is displayed. Click for an example of what interstitial ad looks like or to see what your banner would appear as in a static top frame ad!

We Have Low Rates Too!

Our advertising rates start at only $0.10 per 1000 impression views of your ad or just $5.00 for 10,000!! It's a steal of a deal! You only pay for the amount of unique clicks or impressions your banner/link receives!  In addition, you only pay for unique visitors sent to your site.  If a visitor clicks on your banner, and then clicks on it again anywhere within our network (within 24 hours), you are only charged for one click!  You can be sure that the visitors arriving at your site are new customers.

Advertising benefits include:

No-risk advertising - you only pay for the actual amount of visitors you receive. 

Only unique visitors sent to your site. 

Use of our publisher sites which can provide a steady stream of traffic for your site.

Consolidated billing - you only receive one invoice for all of your advertising. 

No more negotiating for better rates from content providers. 

Real-time online statistics showing useful information about your current banner campaign. 

Access to unlimited support and assistance from the ADF.LA staff.

Contact Us About Your Advertiser Needs!

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Email us For more details at: support@adf(dot)la or use our contact form page. Thanks!