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Dear Friend,

Chances are you're already using a URL shortening service like, or to shorten your links. These services make it easy to take a long URL such as:

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How about making some extra revenue from your links when your users are leaveing your website or view your posted images on a forum, without annoying them? Sounds too good huh?

This is all possible! is a site which allows you to shorten your URL, it is no different from and However it does differ because they have ad twist. When ever someone opens the short url there is a 5 second frame which shows an ad. The timing is very short and thus majority of the people using this service don't mind the wait in return for using the system.

All you need to do is to add a simple code to your website and all your links will be converted into money making links on the fly meanwhile it redirects to the original link. Adding this code to your website will not make your site slower in any way, the links are automatically converted after your site has been loaded clientside.

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I bet that you are posting links on every forum out there on the internet and not getting anything back from the webmaster. Now it is possible for you to earn some revenue by just putting your links / images on forums.

So how about making some extra revenue from your links that You posts on forums/blogs/newsgroups/ without annoying the visitors? Sounds too good huh?

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All you need to do is to cut and paste the list of links, in plain text, html or bbcode. Our parser will automatically generate paying links for you and provide them to you, ready to be posted on any forum / blog / newsgroup! There are no limits in how many links you can generate at one time. Your new links will still redirect the user to the original link but will generate revenue at the same time.

Basically the new link will contain a landing page.

Getting Started With ADF.LA

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You share website link pages on the net with your friends already, right? So, why not get paid for it? Just input your urls when logged in and you will be given a fresh, new url to post everywhere. Whenever anyone clicks the ad that is inserted into your link, then you get paid! (current rates are shown in your earnings dashboard).

Manage Your Account

Easily keep track of any links you have created or delete those that are no longer relevent. It's so simple!

Your Payment!

The details of your earnings are shown when you log in. You can request a payment from ADF.LA anytime you have reached the $0.10 cashout level. Simply add your Pay-pal email and your payout will be processed within 7 days.

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